Cotton Xenomorph is a new literary journal produced with the mission to showcase new, and ecstatic art while reducing language of oppression in our community. We are dedicated to uplifting new and established voices while engaging in thoughtful conversation around social justice.

Charity Month!

Dear Reader,

There are two big things the Hive loves: the literary world and acts of kindness. We created this magazine because we believe in striving to create a better community for all writers. For the month of February, we’d like to extend this by asking our community of writers to work at a better community for the world.

During the month of February, we encourage you to make a donation to a charity that means something to you (some of editor Chloe’s favorites are To Write Love on Her Arms, Planned Parenthood, and World Wildlife Fund; Editor Teo’s are the ACLU, SLPC, and the Government Accountability Project; Editor Hannah’s are RAINN and local humane societies). If you donate ten or more dollars and send proof of this donation with a submission of one flash piece or one poem, we will offer you (as a return on your kindness) an editorial critique on your submission.

Our critiques will be 250-300 words and we will try to make them as valuable to your writing as we can. Email us your submission as you normally would, but write "Charity Fiction Submission" or "Charity Poetry Submission" in the subject line of your email. If your submission contains more than one story or poem, we will only look at the first one. These submissions may be considered for publication, but if you only wish them to be critiqued, please note that in the body of the email.

Individually none of us can do everything, but we believe that together the writing community can truly make the world stronger. Thank you!




PS: We reserve the right to reject particular donation receipts, especially if the organization does not have a 501(c) statement or the nonprofit in question is not in line with Cotton Xenomorph's mission statement.