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I tell the ghost

by Dessa Bayrock

No one’s due home for hours   absence
fills the house like a warm bath
and the cat stares intently behind me,                    behind me,                        
tracking something with his eyes                                                                    behind me,
that isn’t there.

I think of a hand   on that door   a hand
on this body   think   I’d hate
to die this way.  

There is nothing in this house,                                    nothing,                     
I tell myself   and I tell the ghost                                                                     nothing,
and I tell myself

and I turn again and again and again   trying
to be faster than my own fear 

thinking only, frantically  

                       a hand   that door   this body  

                                  a hand    that door    this body

Dessa Bayrock is a PhD student in Ottawa, where she lives with two cats and a variety of succulents. Her poems have appeared in The MaynardOCCULUM, and Half Mystic Press, among others. You can find her, or at least more about her, at

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