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by Marilyn Schotland

Hollow everything out &
          fill it with new bones;
                    prayers to wax ribs, kisses on collarbones.

Cut hair: heat, let it curl & swim away:
          the final heat mangling departing.
                    Let everything announce the new nervous system,

a conglomeration of fluttering,
          monarchs, jagged fingernails in gut.
                    I’ll float to the surface & skim myself off the top.

Boychik: the word curls around teeth & clicks through
          tongue. an early 2000’s boy band patched together:
                    sk8rboi by way of shtetl.

Half a boy, half a name called girl.
          i’m having my ba_ mitzvah at twenty;
                    there’s a first time for everything.

Marilyn Schotland is the co-founder and poetry editor of Bombus Press. Her published work has appeared in L’Éphémère ReviewOcculum, and Eunoia Review. At present, she is twenty-years-old and studies History of Art and French Language at the University of Michigan. 

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