Cotton Xenomorph is a new literary journal produced with the mission to showcase new, and ecstatic art while reducing language of oppression in our community. We are dedicated to uplifting new and established voices while engaging in thoughtful conversation around social justice.

Charity Month Roundup!

First of all, you are all ROCKSTARS. There is nothing more amazing and gratifying than knowing that we, a small, new journal, can help make an impact in the world. We said it before, and we’ll say it again, the Xeno Hive loves two things: the literary world and acts of kindness.

Together, we raised $333.23 in donations!!!!

These donations helped the following organizations:

Cotton Xenomorph wants to express our deepest thanks for participating in this new venture. We had a wonderful time doing this. If you didn’t/couldn’t get a donation in for this month, don’t worry! We definitely plan on putting together another Charity Month in the future.

All our love,
The Editors of Cotton Xenomorph

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