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Confession with Night Vision and Soap Bubbles

By Todd Dillard

I bring my lips / to the wand’s aperture / exhale / a stampede of orbs / my daughter chases through snow / when it’s cold enough / soap bubbles freeze / drift then plummet / to the earth / to shatter / years ago / my girlfriend took me / to meet her friend / home on military leave / and after white bread sandwiches / watery lagers / he said I got something to show y’all / gathered the dozen of us there / opened a video on his laptop / grainy feed / brackish flesh / attached to a spine of desert / green vehicles lumbered into view / he tapped the screen / whispered: terrorists / then / eruption / mortar bloom / bullet streaks / earthquake in a bed of lilies / I remember / a vertical sliver of emerald / like a blade of grass / flickering / racing into black / he’s on fire! / and at the table / every other face burst / into laughter / no one noticed / when I plucked that leaf / from the screen / slipped it inside my mouth / years now / this kind of swallowing / is a habit / I call living / inside me / a field crouches / my breaths drag / their fingers across it / spill from my lips / fill these spheres / which rise / and fall / into my daughter’s hands / fresh powder / like cloudbanks / swirling / around her / confession: this / is how I imagine God / plucking prayers from the air / cracking open their variegated shells / saying / more / yes / yes

Todd Dillard's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Best New PoetsElectric LiteratureBarrelhouseSuperstition Review, and Split Lip Magazine. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and daughter.

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