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Ghazal for Virtue

By Catherine Chambers

My whole young life I wished for slender fingers to dwindle
on, say, piano keys. The piano of my dreams, sits idle. 

The space between my Head Line and Life Line indicates
a risk-taking personality. One who champs at their bridle.

My heart line zooms up towards my index finger,
to indicate a romantic nature: not a heart that lies idle.

A flat line. A fleshy Mount of Venus at the base of my thumb
sits in stark contrast to weight lifting callouses idling.

My hands find use; I cut my lover’s hair, give him hand-jobs, write.
I hear my white grandma saying the devil made my hands idle.

Martyrdom is no good if your virtue isn’t intact, see:
Saint Catherine on her spiked wheel, made idol.

Catherine Chambers is an Asian-American mermaid living in Texas with her dog, Bob Dylan. She attends the University of Southern Maine Stonecoast MFA program, and tweets about Virgo stuff at @CatChamberz

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