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Who Will Stop Me From Dying

by Prince Bush

Everyone I love lives
long enough to be diabetic.

Glaucoma; cataracts; refraining
from fresh-salty-breaded smells

like pretzels, pizza, pasta; pots of
precisely excised, disappointing

meals; are all the moments
waiting for me, if I live. Even so,

how will I ingest the news, inject
myself, when I want to inject

myself—who will stop
me from dying from depression

so I can die diabetic.
Who will hold the right needle; who

will insulate me from myself
and make me take some insulin—

for my body, innocent, does
want it, my bruised

brain, innocent, doesn’t want it.
I do not want it. Depression

owns and does not want my body—
how can I be trusted, take my own

medicine, when death for so long
has been a sought medal and metric and

mode. How will I run from death like
everyone else. I’d need a hex

to care—curb carbs, sugar; eat fat
fishes, flax seeds, greek yogurt, greens

extra virgin olive oil, beans,
kale, fresh fruit, tofu, cottage cheese

eggs and chicken, plant-based proteins.
I will need a rhyming

spell. To refrain,
I need a rhyming spell.

Prince Bush is a poet in Nashville, TN. More publications can be found at

Ahavah Rabbah